What is DSANJ


DSANJ, stands for Drug Seeds Alliance Network Japan, is the program that promote drug discovery in Japan.
DSANJ collects and stores the information on research and development results of drug discovery, basic technology, biomarker, diagnostic agents and reagent.
Then, We transmits them to pharmaceutical companies in Japan.

Those of having seeds and those of growing seeds need to have cooperation with each other.
Thus, DSANJ'S mission is to efficiently contact each other.

In order that Japan may continue to play a part in drug discovery,
DSANJ will also play a role in it, although only slight.

Function of DSANJ

Drug Seeds Alliance Network Japan: DSANJ is consisted of the following two businesses

DSANJ-DB is a system that provide a chance to contact between technology holders and companies first.

II. DSANJ Business Meeting: DSANJ-Biz Meeting
DSANJ Biz-Meeting is a service that provide a meeting between technology holders and companies seeking technology.

Rule, Participants

DSANJ has an original rules and these rules govern your use of all DSANJ services.
Rule is here.

DSANJ defines following 4 members as “Participants”.
* The number is current as of March 2013

I. Members user (people seeking technology)
Member User is people who seek technologies and are working in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic companies which have registered with DSANJ as corporate customers.
311 people (62 companies) have been used DSANJ for searching the drug discovery technologies.
About 80% of Member User belongs to the research institute of their companies and are able to evaluate research results scientifically.
If you would like to register Member User, please contact to us, DSANJ Secretariat.

II. Account holder (technology proposer)
If you would like to participate DSANJ introducing your research results, you will have DSANJ-DB account.
DASNJ defines those as Account holder.

III. Secretariat
It is administrator of DSANJ, Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a center of it.

IV. Collaborators
Member user, account holder, corporation which supports secretariat.

Operation Rule


Aiming for bio-industrial development of our country in the field of Drug discovery, Osaka Chamber Commerce and Industry (called OCCI) had sponsored Bio Business Competition Japan until 2010 in cooperation with affiliates.
This competition was able to leave a steady track record with a certain results, alliances between those seeking technologies and those possessing technologies to reach 148.
Based on these results, OCCI has established "the closed workshop for drug seeds exchange" at the request of pharmaceutical companies (participating 6 pharmaceutical companies, one trading company, one financial institution, CRO).
OCCI have consider towards the development of the program to activate the drug discovery field in Japan having drug seeds and basic technology.
OCCI started the trial operation of the database in October 2006 and thereafter it has demonstrated again and again during about two and a half years.
During 3 years, OCCI have invites 264 researches whose research results selected by DSANJ and set 1,425 meetings in total among 18.

OCCI also launched the business meeting project in July 2009, has demonstrated for 9 months.
On the basis of this, OCCI has been operating " DSANJ Biz Meeting" by diseases, in which DSANJ invites researchers having research results on the DSANJ database and arranges meetings with those and researchers in pharmaceutical companies with interest in technologies on the DSANJ database at 18 times.
In this results, 20 joint researches (as of April 5, 2013) has been agreed