Activities of DSANJ


Main business of DSANJ is the DSANJ Biz Meeting Categorized by Target Diseases half a year. DSANJ collects research results, evaluates them, advises to make materials used in DSANJ, arranges meetings, feedbacks the company’s plan after the meeting, and supports an agreement of research collaboration.

DSANJ activity diagram

Collect the information of research results

To collect research results of drug discovery by searching researcher’s presentation in exhibitions, introduction from research institute, news release, and patents.
These research results are accumulated by disease in the DSANJ-DB.

Select (evaluate) research results

The DSANJ administrator selects research results in the DSANJ-DB for the DSANJ Biz Meeting Categorized by Target Diseases under the requirements. This selection requirements are set by disease on the basis of the pharmaceutical companies’ needs.

Advise to make materials used in the DSANJ Biz Meeting better

When your research results in the DSANJ-DB are invited to the DSANJ Biz Meeting, DSANJ will advise to make your materials provided for pharmaceutical companies.
This enables you to efficiently have a discussion toward a research collaboration by using these materials on the day of meeting.

Arrange meetings

The DSANJ administrator captures participants’ needs and tries to do best so that all participants can hold efficient meetings toward a research collaboration.


In place of pharmaceutical companies, the DSANJ administrator gives researchers feedback about decision.
DSANJ will also confirm the research progress afterward.

Support an agreement of research collaboration

If the contract is concluded smoothly by DSANJ’s supports, the DSANJ administrator supports to make contractual conditions after the framework of joint research is almost decided,

Accumulate know-how

The DSANJ administrator has accumulated know-how regarding a process to joint research. It is utilized in the next cycle.