To researchers in research organization

What is the activity of secretariat?

DSANJ secretariat activity is to collect research results related to drug discovery, which is public information, and to accumulate them by diseases, by technology, by date, and to provide this information with company people.
On these information, DSANJ also invites the researchers to DSANJ Biz meeting half a year, where you can directly have a meeting with company people

What should we do to provide information of our research results?

Please send PDF data of your materials presented to the public, for example your research paper, by e-mail.
After DSANJ registers them, the information of your research results on DSANJ-DB.

Which information is suitable for providing information of research results?

DSANJ allowed only non-confidential information such as published research papers or presentation materials.
Please do not to send confidential data.

Are there any duty or restriction when we provide our research results to DSANJ-DB?

There is no duty or restriction to provide research results with DSANJ-DB, please utilize DSANJ as one of tools to look for research partner.

Does expense occur to provide information of research results?

The initial cost, contingency fee and so on are not incurred.

Is it possible to withdraw the information of research results when we find a partner company?

DSANJ ourselves collected, managed public research information and provided them with company people.
DSANJ will not withdraw them from DSANJ-DB.
Please send your presentation materials, published research papers and published patent.

Do we need to make the materials to provide information of research results on DSANJ-DB?

You don't have to make material documents newly.
DSANJ edit information independently and submit it to company people.
When you tell the appeal points of your research results to DSANJ secretariat, DSANJ utilize them.

What should we do to participate in DSANJ Biz meeting?

Research results being proposed in DSANJ Biz meeting were elected from DSANJ-DB.
Please provide information of your research results on DSANJ-DB.