To researchers

What is the charm of DSANJ

“Who knows the strengths of our research results best is ourselves. We would like to effectively appeal our research at the place where people in research institutes of pharmaceutical companies gather.”
The DSANJ program provides a chance to find the best partner for physicians who place emphasis on clinical experience and research primarily and people in bio-venture companies of research development.
DSANJ, instead of you, informs only researchers in pharmaceutical companies of your research results and calls for the partnering toward research collaborations by sending the presentation materials you have already made to the DSANJ database.
If your research theme is included in those of DSANJ, DSANJ will provide you a chance to discuss at the DSNAJ Biz Meeting.
You can discuss with only companies being interested in your research results in this partnering event; thus, you can participate half a day with a part of travel expense.
To find partnering opportunity effectively for promoting research, I would appreciate your participation in the DSANJ program.

Note 1: Your research results are informed and discussed through the DSANJ administrator.
Note 2: Information of your research results in the DSANJ database is only non-confidential not to disturb the development of research.
Note 3: 379 people in 65 companies (as of September 10, 2013)
Note 4: The average total time spent during participation is approximately 3.5 hours (7 meetings) in past 3 years.

How to participate in DSANJ

It is easy to participate in DSANJ. The only thing to do is to send known materials to the DSANJ administrator by e-mail.
We are waiting for your post of your research results to DSANJ.

E-mail Address

How to participate in the DSANJ Biz Meeting

DSANJ will invite persons whose research results are selected from the DSANJ database, and how to participate in the DSANJ Biz Meeting is the same as how to do in DSANJ.
However, as the date of the DSANJ Biz Meeting is decided, the application period of this meeting has been set.
In addition, the funding for travel expense stops when the amount reaches the budget, we would appreciate your application as soon as possible if you consider to participate in the DSANJ Biz Meeting.
You can check how to apply to participate in the next DSANJ Biz Meeting Categorized by Target Diseases.
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