To company people

For which department people belong to

Attn1 DSANJ collects research results mainly in non-clinical stage, it is used by people in research institute of pharmaceutical companies to seek drug targets.
For people belonging to business development department, DSANJ introduces only research results which they want to transfer alliance.
Please contact the secretariat if you are interested in these.

What is the Charm of DSANJ

"Under situation that human resource is limited, how we find a research collaboration partner in the field of drug discovery"
There is some possibility that DSANJ have one solution to this question.
DSANJ collects and stores research results regarding drug discovery by diseases on DSANJ database, you can directly search research results you are looking forward to.
In DSANJ Biz meeting, research result are collected by the person with much knowledge of drug discovery, you can get the materials of research results in advance, and you have meetings only with researcher whose research results bring synergy to your company.
DSANJ have been participated in by a lot of companies to enhance research productivity in the field of drug discovery.

How to participate in DSANJ

You can use DSANJ-DB for free, though information provided by secretariat is limited.
If you would like to participate in DSANJ, please contact DSANJ secretariat. DSANJ check your company's research track record, you can register to Member user.

How to participate in DSANJ Biz meeting

To apply for DSANJ Biz meeting by registration to DSANJ-DB.