Privacy Policy

The Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides "Basic Policy for Protection of Personal Information" as follows and will continue to perform maximum measures to appropriately protect personal information.

Basic Policy for Personal Information

The Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (hereinafter referred to as the "Chamber"), as the local general economic body established under the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Law, handles information of not only member corporations and organizations but also manufacturers and distributors of various sizes and industries, organizations, municipalities, and research and educational institutions.
Accordingly, the Chamber recognizes that efforts for the protection of personal information obtained through business activities of the Chamber are the social responsibility of the Chamber and will continue to perform maximum measures to appropriately protect personal information held by the Chamber on the basis of the policies below.

(1) Protection and Management of Registered Information
Information of user and item registrations is protected by passwords. We perform countermeasures, such as preventing unauthorized access through the establishment of strong firewalls, for the purpose of protecting the registered information. We ask users, for privacy protection and security reasons, to strictly manage passwords and to take cautionary measures so that passwords are not obtained by a third party.

(2) Collection of Personal Information
The Chamber shall collect personal information by lawful and fair means.

(3) Use of Personal Information
The Chamber shall use personal information to the extent necessary for achievement of its business and for the purpose of use represented at the time of acquisition of personal information.
The Chamber may consign the handling of personal information to third parties, including related organizations. In consignment, the Chamber shall select the consignees who handle personal information appropriately, shall execute agreements and conduct inspection to secure appropriate handling, and shall make its best efforts to protect personal information.

(4) Providing Third Parties with Personal Information
The Chamber shall not provide any third party with personal information without the consent of the person except for co-use among related organizations and providing the consignee of business, except the cases under the requirements of laws and regulations and where it is necessary to protect life and property of the person and to cooperate with public agencies, including the police and courts, etc.

(5) Co-use of Personal Information
The Chamber shall give prior notice or announce on the homepage about the extent of co-users, items of use, purpose of use, etc., in the case of co-use of the acquired personal information among related organizations.

(6) Appropriate Management of Personal Information
The Chamber shall maintain the accuracy of personal information and securely manage it. In order to prevent loss, destruction, alteration, leakage of personal information, etc., we shall appropriately manage by taking information security measures against unauthorized access, computer virus, etc.
The Chamber shall not permit to bring out personal information or make external transmission without any relation to its business.

(7) Concerning Processing of Personal Information
The Chamber may collect and analyze information, process it as statistical information so as not to be identifiable as the information provided by the person, and share it in the Chamber as research materials or submit it to the related organizations, including administrative agencies.

(8) Disclosure, Correction, and Deletion of Personal Information
The Chamber shall deal with the request from the person who desires disclosure, correction, or deletion, etc., of the personal information. Please contact the contact point for personal information of the Chamber or each secretariat in charge of business. The Chamber has the right to decide whether it will accept the requests or not.

(9) Organization and System for Protection of Personal Information
The Chamber shall appoint the personal information control manager to conduct appropriate management of personal information. The Chamber shall also conduct training on protection and appropriate management method of personal information to the full-time officers and employees, and make thoroughly known appropriate handling of personal information in the course of daily business and after retirement.

(10) Maintenance and Improvement of Personal Information Protection
The Chamber shall develop "Compliance Program of The Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry concerning Protection of Personal Information (including this Policy, ‘Rules for Protection and Management of Personal Information’ and other rules)" in order to follow the Privacy Policy, and conduct inspection and assessment of the compliance conditions and periodic audits. The Chamber shall also continue to review and improve the practices of protection of personal information.