About Security

The Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry are improving security so that users can safely use “Drug Seeds Alliance Network Japan.”

(1) Protection and Management of Registered Information
Information of user and item registrations is protected by passwords. We perform countermeasures, such as preventing unauthorized access through the establishment of strong firewalls, for the purpose of protecting the registered information. We ask users, for privacy protection and security reasons, to strictly manage passwords and to take cautionary measures so that passwords are not obtained by a third party.

(2) Cookie
We use Cookie to recognize your computer in our website. Our Cookie does not collect personal information. However, information collected through our Cookie and personal information may be combined and become personal data. We will protect such data in accordance with the laws and regulations, including the Personal Information Protection Law and Guidelines.
You can invalidate Cookie function by configuring your computer. However, if you do so, you may not be able to use some services on our website.

(3) Prevention of Leakage of Information on Transmission Lines
During the process of user and item registrations, the entered information is encrypted by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to secure the security on transmission lines.

(4) Counter Measures against Computer Virus
We perform countermeasures such as virus checking programs for the computers.